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“Our goal is to uplift, entertain and equip you with fun, awesome and powerfully righteous music! To enrich your everyday life, change your attitude and make you unstoppable!

“Shiftless Core, the space where light ignites the ever burning flame of passion through the sound of music! Shiftless Core, the band of right over wrong, power through song and living a life that’s on!”

Below are poems, not lyrics, of the more sacred things I feel. To see lyrics, go to the Lyrics – Polls tab.


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Sacramental Sabbath

Our Savior Dear

Christ is the water and bread of life,
Poured out and broken for us to take part.
Everything denotes His love,
His perfect sacrifice for us.

His soul He offered unto God,
His life He surrendered on the cross.
He is the Christ, the exaltation prize,
Our Savior and Redeemer mild.

His healing balm knows no end.
His service to the broken to mend.
Once to humbly lay His life by,
Now He reigns in heaven on high.

To be partakers of His fruits,
We must bear in us His life,
To tree from roots.
Herein are the gospel tools.

Christ the Lord who reigns on high,
Always let us be nearby Thy side.
We have come to earth to do our part.
Bestow now charity in our hearts.

With hearts and hands to serve Thine all,
We do adhere our Savior dear, to Thy call.
Always to give and share in truth,
With love in the Spirit, make all things new.


He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

One Hope

There is only One hope,
Who has saved all the worlds.
He was born onto our earth’s soul,
Bringing new birth to all unfurled.
He is the Son of God, and man,
Who unlocked the great eternal governing plan.

That in giving us grace and agency,
We can return in god-like royalty.
He conquered the damned with agony,
And now gives us power to do the same.
In giving us mercy to pass to Him our blame,
He renews us all while taking our shame.

Those who believe and follow His lead,
Will live in glory, being redeemed.
These souls He washes brilliantly clean.
In Him is our hope of all things unseen,
In following the Lamb, the Chosen One of God,
He holds all the keys of salvation’s locks.

Only through the sacrifice He gave,
And obedience to His holy will,
May we return and be saved.
We must be true and faithful to fulfill,
All our promises made before we came,
And rise up to be His disciples still.

With journeys of holy light,
And realms of purifying fire,
As we seek His face and desires,
We will receive Him as our reward,
With all the glory He has in store.
With only One hope, we shall win this war!


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Truth Restored

In our days of the perils of men,
Truth sent to man was lost and bent.
This called for a restoration as before,
With all the gifts of life and truth restored.

Come to Zion and rejoice!
Come listen to a prophet’s voice!
All saints rise-up to stand worthy!
We are not to fear the ungodly!

The Lord teaches us to pray and obey.
One young boy sought to partake of grace,
From the Good Book he earnestly came,
Into the woods to inquire upon God’s name.

In bringing the gospel back to earth,
God’s call to all is now heard.
The Lord has restored all as at first.
It is the pearl of greatest worth.

No eye has seen, nor ear heard,
Nor heart conceived, the plans reserved,
For those who love and minister,
For we no longer need roam as strangers.

This life is our time of test,
To prove true to His very best!
Those on the left of God rebellious,
Those on His right hand, made glorious!


My Awakening

Our Great God is Moving for Us 

When I wrote Beginning Journey, it actually came from inspiration in the form of a vision I had, regarding how my life’s situation would symbolically play out. I believe that if we are on the Lord’s errand, meaning that we are living for Him and serving others, He will always send blessings of understanding along the way, which help enable us to handle the problems and challenges we face.

It was with this type of enlightenment, in this night time dream or vision, that I saw myself sliding down a slide, where on at the bottom was a host of razor-sharp jagged edges of pieces of metal, protruding out in the shape of triangular razors. It was at this very point of great harm and alarm, in that my right heal had already been priced by the first razor, that I was suddenly flashed and moved over and away to the left of this slide, and placed on the ground, no longer injured, nor at that dreadful end.

Then suddenly, there came a humongous and gigantic wave of poison and death, which welled up and came over and almost upon me, bigger than anything earthly I could have previously imagined. I again feared with terror for my life.

Just as this wave was about to consume me, I summoned all the powers of faith I had to save me, and immediately another wave came into play, going the opposite way, coming from behind me, which not only overpowered the other huge wave, but grew and grew. I was soon cognizant, that this saving wave became so vast, that it was infinite, filling all the immensities of space. It never ended as to its strength or size. This wave was so powerful, and filled with living waters, so as to heal, forgive, redeem and set free. I forever thank my God and His loving Son, for their plan, and redeeming help and aid.

Beginning Journey

Father, carry me carefully,
Across this jagged divide.
I’m crawling, but falling,
Down this dark slide.
No more will I hide.

My son, you are faithful,
So I will carry you home with Me,
And You will reach your destiny.
It will only cost you Me, but I am free,
And I’m holding your eternity.

Lord please, I don’t understand!
I need Thee to hold me in Thy hands!
I’m drowning in the sea, dying for dry land!
I feel like I’m burning, in the fire of the damned!
Is this part of Thy plan?

My child, before thy life began,
I formed you in love as man.
We then reviewed your life’s plan.
I called you into earth life’s being,
Letting you choose your thing.

These waves of sea, and fire belong to me,
And only I can wash, and purge you clean.
My powers cover all the earth.
I brought you here, already of great worth.
I’ve given you the chance to be like Me.

Child, I am with you,
Do your very best to be true.
Though you cannot see me,
You must believe, I will never leave you.
I am your Savior and Redeemer.


My Budding Relationship with God

Closer In Thee

Even as the Son is in Thee,
I want to be, growing from seed,
Giving glory in holy sanctity,
Closer in Thee.

As the earth is to tree,
I want to be rooted in peace,
Founded in holy increase,
Bound up, never to leave.

My soul’s richness,
Deepens in living waters,
Ever flowing pure and evenly,
In the time we spend in beauty.

My life enlivens with childlike excitement,
Jubilant in divine, holy love,
In unity and celestial thrill,
As we approach time on our sacred hill.

Our love is one of truth,
A tender bond of loyalty.
Giving our whole souls as proof,
Sealed in the bosom of eternity.

I cry out to all the families,
Throughout all unending space,
Time and all the eternities,
Remember your Godly place!

Secure your family line and home on high,
With relationships divine, husbands and wives,
Children, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers and Sisters,
All entwined throughout eternal lives.


Sacred Healing

Unto Thee

This freeing point reminds me,
Of Thy removal of all my pain.
This growth confirms in one seed,
Thy ability to change every grain.

This feeling restores my hope in Thee,
Of who I am and where I’ll be.
I find grace inside Thy life’s meaning,
And plans for me through all eternities.

Every law and choice is within Thee,
For Thou didst create everything,
And with the fall, Thou didst redeem,
Purchasing all with Thy bleeding.

I’ve paid the price to know Thy sacrifice.
Freedom is now mine, for I am Thine.
I was up for sale, but only Unto Thee,
In exchange of my life, for Heaven’s deeds.

This life of strife and gain is miraculous to me.
I’m ready to face my path, and win in dignity.
I owe myself to Thee, for I am not my own.
Thou dost own me, and I am finally home.

With this great suffered offering,
Thou hast given of Thyself for all,
I will bless all wandering through beckoning,
Giving my heart to break down all walls.

I’m in this place, because it’s where Thou art,
Becoming more like Thee, as I follow Thy heart.
This place is mine too; there’s plenty of room.
I want you here, so come unto Christ’s truth.

If you are not here yet, let me help you bear.
Together we will share every care; prepare,
For He is aware, and will draw you close in prayer.
With full commitment, we’ll arrive there.

I pray we’ll have more joy to exceed the pain,
And life more abundantly from all the rain.
I thank Thee my Lord, for showing me Thy way,
Forever Unto Thee, I rejoice every day!


The Father Unto Us

The good word of God. See if you can find yourself in here.

Child of Mine

Courage and gratitude child of mine.
Thy way is unfolding unto my divine.
My arms and hands do uphold thee,
In my footsteps thou art carried.

I with thee traverse this coarse trek,
Making thy way through sordid wreck.
My heart shields thine, and light shines.
My whisper to teach of the sublime.

All is conquered, press on, press on!
Newness reigns in the dawn.
We’ll rule at last, as freedom Gods,
As heaven smiles, and deity nods.

Love is pure, and sacrifice sets free,
Making royalty of you and me.
In righteous lives are fruits of wisdom,
Building hope, and breaking desperation.

Thou art mine with no detachment.
We are one through love’s commitment.
Christ is the way, truth and life.
Come to Him that your burdens be light.

We give our will, time and talents,
To our Father who’s endowed us.
Throughout earth life’s time our test,
We must each do our very best.

All we are and hope to be,
Comes from Him and His deeds,
Planted in our souls as seeds.
We are His children, growing as He.


Make the Way, With Thy Savior

In Return

There is a call to all,
Coming from our Savior.
“Come home safe into My stall,
That ye may find favor.”

With this promise kept,
Shall come healing and joy,
Carried in thy Savior’s steps,
Becoming disciples of His employ.

Though the way be a trial,
Holding faithful ye shall find,
His holy Kingdom shall be thine,
In patience, adorned with Christ.

He is the way ye should go,
For behold, ye shall see Him,
Being like Him, and know,
That He is thy eternal friend.

“Come, and be not afraid.
Hold fast to My side.
For I AM here to make thy way.
Together we shall walk above the tide.

“As We return in righteousness,
Ye shall in grace pass thy test,
Being one in glory and holiness,
Entering into My perfect joy and rest.”


Addiction: Forgiveness & Healing


To be tried is to live,
And to repent to forgive.
Now is our time to prove,
To be healed and made true.

Not feeling worthy of love? 
Dying in addiction’s clutch?
The Savior’s hands are around,
Working, until we are unbound.

It’s very brutal and rough,
To not feel strong enough,
To allow ourselves to strive,
To grow up until we thrive.

Abuse, turmoil and pain,
Keep us trapped in Satan’s game.
We need healing physically, emotionally,
Mentally, spiritually and socially.

To partake of Christ’s fruits,
We must bear His life in us
To tree from roots.
Herein are the gospel tools.

When we let the worst of us
Get the best of us,
Our tribulation paves the way,
For greater need to obey.

Then with greatest urgency,
Christ comes and makes us free.
In descends the dove of peace,
As love from above to fully increase.


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