The Father Unto Us

The good word of God. See if you can find yourself in here.

Child of Mine

Courage and gratitude child of mine.
Thy way is unfolding unto my divine.
My arms and hands do uphold thee,
In my footsteps thou art carried.

I with thee traverse this coarse trek,
Making thy way through sordid wreck.
My heart shields thine, and light shines.
My whisper to teach of the sublime.

All is conquered, press on, press on!
Newness reigns in the dawn.
We’ll rule at last, as freedom Gods,
As heaven smiles, and deity nods.

Love is pure, and sacrifice sets free,
Making royalty of you and me.
In righteous lives are fruits of wisdom,
Building hope, and breaking desperation.

Thou art mine with no detachment.
We are one through love’s commitment.
Christ is the way, truth and life.
Come to Him that your burdens be light.

We give our will, time and talents,
To our Father who’s endowed us.
Throughout earth life’s time our test,
We must each do our very best.

All we are and hope to be,
Comes from Him and His deeds,
Planted in our souls as seeds.
We are His children, growing as He.



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