Overcoming the Evil One

My Grace

Oh my Grace, where art Thou now,
My grand inspiration and power?
Why hast Thou turned Thy face,
Against my earthly brow?
Art Thou now gone, or dost Thou bow down,
Before dumb idols for naught?

Could it be my unanswered, under achieved,
Wasted life, sought for but not caught?
May I find my course’s reason,
But for mankind’s very own treason?
Could the way before, though it be not mine,
Be for consumption of both heart and mind?

For heaven’s sake, please feed me a supper’s plate,
Which won’t leave me filled with hate,
But instead, bring me love and retreat,
Which just might, through might, I might eat.
For I am empty, eaten through starvation’s words,
Strategically placed near the slaughter’s cross, cursed.

I await my eternal turn, to follow mine, a martyr’s tale,
To defy all the rest of my life, remaining true, yet to unveil.
Grace is a gift of the strength of the power of God,
Bestowed upon all those who look upon,
The Lord lifted up, who grants redemption,
Given through faith, unto our salvation.

Jesus took the fault, eternal punishment, pain, and fall,
Bearing with it, all the trials, turmoil, and withdrawals,
Accumulated and manifest, from all our falls.
The Perfect Lamb, slaughtered in shame, pain, and blame for all.
My Lord, Your Grace, be engraven upon my hands, knees and face.
I do not dwell upon Thy grief, but to find relief, in Thine sanctified, hallowed grace.

My heart shines now, I do adore and bow, causing my woolen robes to be exquisite white.
Thy life in mine, I humbly vow, My Grace, Thou art my true delight!
Nothing so excruciating, could ever be done,
For souls whose fatal corruption in enmity, could ever be won,
But by the saving, sacrificing, righteous love, of the Holy Son.
Do not ever mock what God has wrought in crushing agony, for fun.


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