Mothers, Irreplaceable Homemakers

Zion Mother

I have been loved so very much.
My Mother has a special touch.
I have cherished feelings growing up.
My Mother loves me, I am her son.

Her family knows her,
As a nurturer of the divine art,
Whose gentle hands and words,
Come from her living heart.

She has a heart of trust,
Which she uses to serve us.
She is my worthy Mother in Zion.
Her loves are heirs in eternal divine.

She has fought to bring,
And keep me safely here,
That I might be at peace,
Finding fulfillment each year.

There are more blessings in store,
Because she has gone before,
Performing with all diligence,
Her Motherly call to do more.

I now have a family of my own,
And it is good to be her son.
I can now be so good to them,
Learning, laughing and having fun. 

I’ve had such a special privilege,
In getting to know my Mom,
For she taught me the gospel in love,
And shared sacred covenants to go on.



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