The One Who Comes To Save

Hear Him

I am a returning pilot,
Climbing home from days of yore.
I sit in vast arraignment,
A fresh host unit to deploy.

My life on earth a test.
Fearless work to reap the spoil.
An open time upon investment,
Eternal millennia to rejoice.

I love to be with kindred friends,
Who did first their time employ,
In suffering their crosses to all ends,
In recourse of reasons we all enjoy.

So many acts of love, and tests won.
The thoughts of my heart His,
My mind’s intents, in the Son.
His will my core, my anthem, “He lives!”

In us His royal essence does reside.
As His ministers and grateful servants,
We the children of God in Him abide,
In blessings of righteous observance.

The meek inherit commandments with great delight.
Faithful endurance welcomes in eternal light.
Charity opens our spirit’s eyes to glorious, loving insight.
Forgiveness is the gift of our salvation’s highest right.

Through covenant living, realizing the price and prize,
With repentance, baptism; receiving Gift of Holy Spirit.
Broken, contrite, sweetly remembering our Lord’s sacrifice.
Dining with Him in solemn, sacred sacrament rite, “Hear ye Him!”



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