Sacred Healing

Unto Thee

This freeing point reminds me,
Of Thy removal of all my pain.
This growth confirms in one seed,
Thy ability to change every grain.

This feeling restores my hope in Thee,
Of who I am and where I’ll be.
I find grace inside Thy life’s meaning,
And plans for me through all eternities.

Every law and choice is within Thee,
For Thou didst create everything,
And with the fall, Thou didst redeem,
Purchasing all with Thy bleeding.

I’ve paid the price to know Thy sacrifice.
Freedom is now mine, for I am Thine.
I was up for sale, but only Unto Thee,
In exchange of my life, for Heaven’s deeds.

This life of strife and gain is miraculous to me.
I’m ready to face my path, and win in dignity.
I owe myself to Thee, for I am not my own.
Thou dost own me, and I am finally home.

With this great suffered offering,
Thou hast given of Thyself for all,
I will bless all wandering through beckoning,
Giving my heart to break down all walls.

I’m in this place, because it’s where Thou art,
Becoming more like Thee, as I follow Thy heart.
This is my place too, and there’s plenty of room.
I want you here, so come unto Christ’s truth.

If you are not here yet, let me help you bear.
Together we will share every care, prepare;
For He is aware, and will draw you close in prayer.
With full commitment, we’ll arrive there.

I pray we’ll have more joy to exceed the pain,
And life more abundantly from all the rain.
I thank Thee my Lord, for showing me Thy way,
Forever Unto Thee, I rejoice every day!



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