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Stripling Warriors

On the field of battle,
Young, brave and strong,
We are stripling warriors,
Ready to bring it on!

We are fighting the darkness,
Piercing through with truth and light!
Charity is our standard,
Faith, courage and commitment our delight!

Captained by our King, and Holy Commander,
We are guided by unconquerable right!
With flaming swords in hand,
This is the truth for which we fight!

Rising up to face the gauntlet of hell,
Yet we fear no death,
For we think upon our one true King,
And more firmly upon liberty than life!

We are true at all times,
In whatsoever things we are entrusted.
We are disciples of truth and soberness,
Walking uprightly before Him.

We do not doubt,
God will deliver us!
Our family, leaders and friends,
Have taught us to believe in Christ!

Bridge: (Said in a warrior’s voice)
With such miraculous strength,
And mighty power,
We did fall upon the enemy,
That we did frighten them exceedingly.

Oh what joy to be a warrior,
For not one soul shall be lost!
We will fight and win and never quit,
No matter what the cost!

Alma 53:16-23

Shiftless Core (Theme Song)

One heart, one mind,
Making music, divine.
One battle, one beat,
All gather in one to defeat!

It’s time to be bold,
And not overbearing,
To help bring forth light,
And healing to the world.

Remember the One,
With the shiftless core,
Our reminder,
Of who we always need to be.

Where ever we go,
And whoever we see,
We share love,
For His glory!

United in beat, and thought,
We’re not going to stop,
Because we are of one heart, one mind,
Making sweet music divine!

It won’t be enough,
To just believe, we must fight,
To overcome the foe,
With power from the Holy Ghost.

Come now, let’s win,
As we are unified in,
One heart, one mind,
Worthy of the divine.

It’s about how we live,
That we love and give,
Unified in one beat, and thought,
Now let’s spread the rock!

We are of one heart, one mind,
With one beat, divine, united in,
One purpose, and mission,
With a shiftless core, let’s give all to Him!

Revelation Rap (Article of Faith 4)

Father wants you to be brave,
He wants you to be bold,
Come with courage to His word,
Grab on and take hold!

Once you’ve got yourself in Him,
And He in you, You will find that in His love
There is nothing you can’t do!
This is the power of love and truth!

Oh the freedom, power, and light,
And courage to stand tall beside,
The One who gave all His life,
For all those who abide, in His delight!

Father’s Gift of Holy Spirit to guide you,
And blessings to freely give unto,
All those who enter into,
His way, through His words which lift you.

Father commandeth all, everywhere,
To have faith in His Son, repent,
Be baptized, and graciously receive,
The confirming of His Holy Spirit, sanctified.

Become as a little child, or ye can in nowise,
Enter into God’s glorious kingdom prize.
This is the core of Christ’s doctrine,
Built on the rock of revelation.

To learn what you must do,
And all that’s required of you,
Go often to God’s words, pray, study,
Ponder, and ask in faith and truth.

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