The Tide Will Turn Toward Human Unity

In ancient American history, there were groups we refer to as the ancestors of the American Indians. We give them names such as Myan, Inca, etc. They have a record which was found and translated by a Man named Joseph Smith in the 1800’s, and is entitled, The Book of Mormon. In this book, the different groups of “Indians” were distinguished by the suffix –ites, such as Nephites, Lamanites, etc. In this lyric, I’m using “No manner of -ites,” to describe the oneness that should, and eventually will exist between people and humanity.

No Manner of -ites

I am praying for the day,
When all walls will fall away,
And we as sons and daughters,
Will all truly obey.

The commandment to love one another,
Is as the first and great commission.
To love God with all our hearts,
Might, mind, and strength, our mission.

This is the celestial law abiding,
With no lies or self-deceit in the way,
There must be no inner hiding,
And for all this we must pray.

We all require our one true King,
And only he can sustain and set free,
But to be in his kingdom,
Each one must be at peace.

In this we must have no boundaries,
No place we cannot go,
For a King to reign in heaven,
There must be every room to grow.

There will be no manner of -ites,
No one will be excluded from their rights.
Each one loved as all are one,
Every moment blessed with pure divine.

Here in these last days, this is our destination,
For as Christ is to come, we are to receive him.
None will abide the day, unless we are together,
In one body, one faith, under one head, forever.



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