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Once you’ve learned a bit about my story, I encourage you to share yours, in whatever way you feel inspired to do so, for there is power in setting yourself out there, for the world to discover your strengths and courageous acts of overcoming.

First Sign

This is an audio clip I created 8 years ago, when I had my very first music software. It was made in a time when I really had no idea how to use it. This was also made in a time when I had brain damage. I no longer have brain damage, as a priesthood blessing I received 4 years ago healed it, according to the Lord’s will. I had lived with these major impediments, the brain damage, and four major mental illnesses for 23 years, before I ever even asked to be blessed in this manner with the priesthood, for I felt that it was not the correct route to go, until I was moved upon by the Holy Spirit, and even constrained to do so by Him.

The irony is that I didn’t even know I had brain damage, and was asking for a blessing to heal the four major mental illnesses. After everything panned out, I discovered myself to be much more intelligent, capable and most especially grateful, for a new world of awareness, completely hidden to me previously. Things I had never even imagined, I conceived. Wow, what a marvelous blessing!! Ongoing improvement, for sure!!

First Sign (First Draft Demo)

This is a Song I consider to be My Life’s Theme Song

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