Sacramental Sabbath

Our Savior and Redeemer Mild

Christ is the water and bread of life,
Poured out and broken for us to take part.
Everything denotes His love,
His perfect sacrifice for us.

His soul He offered unto God,
His life He surrendered on the cross.
He is the Christ, our exaltation prize,
Our Savior and Redeemer mild.

His healing balm knows no end.
His service to the broken to mend.
Once to humbly lay His life by,
Now He reigns in heaven on high.

To be partakers of His fruits,
We must bear His life in us,
To tree from roots.
Herein are the gospel tools.

Christ the Lord who reigns on high,
Let us always be nearby Thy side.
We have come to earth to do our part,
Bestow now charity in our hearts.

With hearts and hands to serve Thine all,
We adhere to Thee to fulfill Thy call.
Always to give in love, Spirit and truth,
Thy holy peace, makes all things new.



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