He is the Way, the Truth and the Life!

One Hope

There is only One hope,
Who has saved all the worlds.
He was born onto our earth’s soul,
Bringing new birth to all unfurled.
He is the Son of God, and man,
Who unlocked the great eternal governing plan.

That in giving us grace and agency,
We can return in god-like royalty.
He conquered the damned with agony,
And now gives us power to do the same.
In giving us mercy to pass to Him our blame,
He renews us all while taking our shame.

Those who believe and follow His lead,
Will live in glory, being redeemed.
These souls He washes brilliantly clean.
In Him is our hope of all things unseen,
In following the Lamb, the Chosen One of God,
He holds all the keys of salvation’s locks.

Only through the sacrifice He gave,
And obedience to His holy will,
May we return and be saved.
We must be true and faithful to fulfill,
All our promises made before we came,
And rise up to be His disciples still.

With journeys of holy light,
And realms of purifying fire,
As we seek His face and desires,
We will receive Him as our reward,
With all the glory He has in store.
With only One hope, we shall win this war!



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