Champion the Cause of Truth

New Horizon

I am in an open new place.
One that has a brand new face.
One which bears a new grace,
And one in which I take new pace.

I’ve never seen this view before,
But I’ve entered through a new door,
And all is coming that’s in store.
It’s clear to me more and more.

That now I race with new strength,
The right course which at length,
Will land me on the battle rank,
And lead me on to my reign.

For now it’s time to actively pursue,
All the work that’s mine to valiantly do,
And with each step uncovering truth,
My soul is enlivened, and all things made new.

My life is in love, my heart joyously seeks,
All for my God, who endlessly speaks.
Between me and He is a canyon so deep,
Which can only be crossed, on the bridge of charity.

So up with your might, and on with the fight,
As warriors in God’s army, we must triumph in light.
His sons and daughters, glorious beacons bright,
Onward, onward, ’till all is made right!

We are given the victory, as we defeat the foe.
So onward, onward, to our conquering
With our courage made sure, and strength whole,
We press ever forward, fighting for each soul.



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