This is an audio clip created 8 years ago, which was made with my very first music software, at the which time I had really no idea how to use it. This was also made in a time in which I still had brain damage. I no longer have any brain damage, as a priesthood blessing which I received 4 years ago healed that, according to the Lord’s will. I had lived with that impediment for 23 years, before I had ever asked to be blessed with any type of priesthood blessing for it, for I felt that it was not the correct route to go, until I was moved upon by the Holy Spirit, and constrained by Him to do so.

First Sign (First Draft Demo)

As the Shiftless Core site evolves, we are excited to soon bring you some sound clips. As the software has been procured, the first song, First Sign, is on the horizon of being posted. This makes the forthcoming album debut closer. We love you, and we will soon be equiping you with music that brings fun, joy and exciting times.

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