What is Truth?

With so much confusion and dissension about what is right and wrong, or especially what is true, if anything is true, it’s a marvelous gift given from God, that His true church has been restored again in these latter (last) days. There are many good people everywhere who are looking, who serve God and others, and who follow Him with all their hearts, but with a fullness of truth, there is so much more that can be done.

God has again called upon mankind, and given us prophets, apostles and set up His church and kingdom once again, with His priesthood power, never to be lost again through apostasy, as has happened all throughout earth’s history, as is outlined in the Holy Bible. He has made preparations for His people to be ready and able to receive their Savior when He comes again.

This knowledge and power is so important, and absolutely imperative that people be strengthened against the attacks of the adversary and not deceived. We all need the protection and power of God, and what does His church afford? Everything needed to remain steadfast through these turbulent times as the gospel continues to grow and His word goes forth in power, glory and authority. We need to help provide the good people of the earth, who will truly want to come unto Christ, with the necessary priesthood ordinances needed, to gain salvation, eternal life and exaltation in the world to come. Through grace, repentance and righteous actions, we can all prepare for what our Heavenly Father’s will is for us.

This poem piece depicts the zeal of one who feels, at having the fullness of these marvelous blessings of the restored gospel in their life, working for the good of them and all those around them, loving God with all their heart, might, mind and strength. We can all love and serve our fellow brothers and sisters in power and truth. Please enjoy this piece and find out more at:



Father wants you to be brave,
He wants you to be bold,
Come with courage to His word,
Grab on and take hold!

Once you’ve got yourself in Him,
And He in you, you will find there is nothing 
That in His love you can’t do!
This is the power of truth!

Oh the power, freedom and light,
And courage to stand tall beside,
The One who gave His life,
For all who abide, in Him!

Father’s will and Holy Spirit to guide you,
And gifts to freely give unto,
All those who enter into,
His way, through His words which lift you.

The Father commandeth all men everywhere,
To repent and believe in His son Jesus Christ,
To be baptized, that they may receive,
The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and be sanctified.

Become as a little child, or ye can in nowise,
Enter into the kingdom of God.
This is Christ’s doctrine,
Built on the rock of revelation.

To learn what you must know,
And do what is required of you,
Go often to His words, to study,
Pray, ponder and ask in truth!



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