Love in Every Condition

Love All the Way

Perfect light, treasure bright,
Happily playing, I see the might.
Babes, learning in a world of Christ’s love.
Angels, ministering all around us.

God is smiling, in his eyes I am found.
Bringing back the feeling of peace, on solid ground.
Wisdom comes, as we let go of worldly crowns.
Love, Truth, Spirit; these raise unto realms of glorious sounds.

We live in the divine, wonderful, magical times,
When all good will come about, through marvelous signs.
We will all succeed, as we share our love disclosing,
Giving God’s love and light to all, especially the unloving.

If you do not shine, you can, and I will.
While we build upon this rock of God,
All is good; we live and learn, health and ill,
Though it be our nightmares, which drive us on.

The truth is, we all have them,
Yet I feel blessed, to have had mine.
Love, in its purest form, ignites good and right,
Coming from the intercession of our Christ.

Straight from God’s heart to ours,
He frees, loves, gives and cares; giving life!

I long for His kingdom, it is in my heart and mind,
And that is fine, making One, with sweetest delight.

I want to share the message of life with all,
Give your all to the master of all; all in!
Do not be swayed by the sickness, nor fooled by the lies.
They do not pay; I do not know why so many have fallen.

Good choices free us, as we lean on the words of God.
We have so much to offer, we need to share the gospel with all.
As we impart, come, eat, drink and be full with so much more.
Do not be scared, for He has walked your road before.

In all your troubles, your burdens, have you had rest?
Come, follow Him, it is as He says, you get the very best!
He is the Life and the Light of the world, clean, strong and holy!
Share yourself with Him; become sanctified, whole and godly.

He will not bring you down my friend,
But will help you find your way and fly.
Thank you Lord Jesus, Brother, Savior, without end,
For being my dear forever God, and perfect ally.


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