The Benefits of Gratitude and Thanksgiving


A day of giving, a day of thanks.
A day to remember who gave His grace.
We are of the same Fatherhood,
Sharing His blessings in doing good.

Every day may we give our blessings,
Making each day our thanksgivings.
This gift of His life, is the reason why,
We can all have lives, of love and light.

We must all do our part,
In all Thou dost bestow,
In thankfully giving our hearts,
In all we do kindly owe.

Today are blessings given,
Which we must multiply.
Each blessing comes from heaven,
We must give, share and fortify.

In celebration of divine providence,
As an ambassador of recompense,
May we humbly return Thy offering,
For we are all seeds now sowing.

Gratitude for the greatest sacred gift,
Is essential for our truest happiness.
To lift others is our greatest joy given,
In reverence, He will lovingly draw us in.

Watch for others in their needs,
And bless them with holy fruits of peace.
Speak kindly and do rightly in all His ways,
And become rewarded in Celestial place.



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