The Ancient Battle Begins

Ancient Battle

I’m endlessly groping, among these ancient ruins,
Trying to dodge, all these hedges and thorny vines strewn.
I am searching for an ancient artifact, aided only by the moon.
The night has now turned into a pensive day,
Yet, amid this lonely, solemn gloom, my day is still a day away.

I am seeking under the sun, amid the pain,
Trying not to come undone, for this is my refrain,
Crying out to the Father, under the pouring rain.
For me there is no end, to my mighty ceaseless praying.
Why is this cruel fight, one so hard to make right?

I’m in this saying, “Father, end this nightmare,
So I can start living my primeval day.
No more night demons, so I can be forgiven today.”
I close my eyes, and crumble, dropping to my demise,
Calling it quits, for I’m sure I’ve lost the sacred prize.

But my Mentor is wise, calling me up from the skies,
He exhorts me saying, “It’s enough, I’ll compromise.
I’ll save you, as you willingly, faithfully, sacrifice your life.
Give it to me as a sign, and I will give you Mine.
You’ve given your very best, to pass this test, now I’ll do the rest.”

Now, with sword and shield in hand,
I yield to my Master’s command.
Together we face this disaster,
As He clears the way through sordid, murky sand.
We now proceed straight forward to a safer place.

Here is where I can finally behold His face,
Feel His love, and know His assuring grace.
I now know, what it means to truly let go.
We march on through the marsh,
To find this ancient place of grace.

I now know this artifact, is a pearl of most exquisite white.
A symbol of love, Spirit and holy light,
Hidden deep down, well under the ground,
An ancient treasure of sacred worth,
Serving as a sacred token, to return home from earth.

Jesus, only Thy true and great name saves.
I’ll catch on and take hold of Thy soul, never letting go,
As Thou takes all godly control, to accomplish our Father’s holy will.
With newness of ways, we live in the promised and saving days!
This time is the fulfillment of great redeeming, the ancient battle ablaze!


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