Where We Want To Be; What It Takes

Celestial Life

Faith, and sharing love;
These are beautiful true glories.
Inspiring, and lifting up,
We give pure, worthy, holy praise.

What will I do to gain eternal life?
Serve both friend and foe with delight.
My life is to be my Lord’s,
For He is my most excellent reward.

Newness of life is what He brings,
For Jesus saves with advent offering.
I can see it now in spheres of brightest glory,
Father and family in greatest reunion’s story.

No longer is the time of probation’s trial,
‘Tis as a dream, and now eternal life’s arrival.
Exultant overjoy, and jubilant triumph reign,
For infinite eternity, and we are perfectly safe.

To live the highest law,
And minister on Christ’s behalf,
We must see all as an eternal God,
For this is our sacred path.

This is our ultimate destiny and beyond,
For in the Celestial Kingdom we belong.
We start by sharing Christ’s love and saving Spirit,
And purifying our garments in redemption’s atonement.



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