We Have a Modern Day Prophet


The great mouthpieces of God.
Laying down, establishing the Iron rod.
Testifying witnesses of Christ,
Giving their lives to proclaim His sacrifice.

These are some of the mantle duties,
Of prophets chosen and ordained of God,
Called to bear the blood of each stewardship soul,
Bringing exaltation in God’s mighty plan.

Holding fast, establishing Zion,
Being a beacon to a fallen world.
Proceeding in God’s perfect plan,
To carry forth His will and work for man.

Prophets have the gifts of revelation,
Prophecy and seership, lifting up
The voice of warning, urging each precious soul,
Onward down their solemn path.

There is a celebration for all God’s people,
Who strictly heed their prophet’s voice and call,
Unto all the nations and kindreds of the earth,
In which safety, joy and peace make oneness for all.

We each need their clarity, wisdom and insight,
Born of their gifts of suffering, charity and sacrifice.
May we each live, so that if called upon from heaven,
He, she, may be found as worthy as a prophet.

For many are called, but few are chosen.
Yet the Lord would have all His people serve,
Being a light in this fallen world,
As His chosen and anointed.



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