The Benefits of Gratitude and Thanksgiving


A day of giving, a day of thanks.
A day to remember who gave His grace.
We are of the same Fatherhood,
Sharing His blessings in doing good.

Every day may we give our blessings,
Making each day our thanksgivings.
This gift of His life, is the reason why,
We can all have lives, of love and light.

We must all do our part,
In all Thou dost bestow,
In thankfully giving our hearts,
In all we do kindly owe.

Today are blessings given,
Which we must multiply.
Each blessing comes from heaven,
We must give, share and fortify.

In celebration of divine providence,
As an ambassador of recompense,
May we humbly return Thy offering,
For we are all seeds now sowing.

Gratitude for the greatest sacred gift,
Is essential for our truest happiness.
To lift others is our greatest joy given,
In reverence, He will lovingly draw us in.

Watch for others in their needs,
And bless them with holy fruits of peace.
Speak kindly and do rightly in all His ways,
And become rewarded in Celestial place.


The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Truth Restored

The Lord teaches us to learn, pray and obey.
One young boy sought to partake of grace,
From the Good Book he earnestly came,
Into the woods to inquire upon God’s name.

In restoring all as at first,
God has brought forth truth from the earth.
His call to all is now heard.
It is the pearl of greatest worth.

Chorus 1:
Come to Zion and rejoice!
Come listen to a prophet’s voice!
All saints rise up to stand worthy!
We are not to fear the ungodly!

No eye has seen, nor ear heard,
Nor heart conceived, the plans reserved,
For those who love, and minister,
For we need no longer roam as strangers.

This life is our blessed time of test,
To prove true to His very best!
Those found on the left of God rebellious,
While those on His right hand, made glorious!

Let us press on with the faithful,
As we joyfully unify, lift and live,
For at last the Lord will come with grace full,
To save, dry tears and recompense.

Come in, unto the supper table,
Drink and eat, the Savior’s sacred offering.
Partake again, and He will make you able,
Beginning with your holy healing.

Chorus 2:
Come, follow the King of Kings in glorious covenant!
Enjoy the blessings of His eternal government!
He is the One we’ve been searching for!
The Messiah, Redeemer, Emmanuel and Lord!


My Grace, I Bow Before Thee Now

My Cup Runneth Over

Your Grace

My Lord, Your Grace, be engraven upon my knees, hands and face.
I do not dwell upon Thy grief, but to find mine own hallowed relief.
My heart shines now, I do adore and bow, causing my wool to be exquisite white.
Thy life in mine, I humbly vow, My Grace, Thou art my true delight!

Grace is a gift of the strength of God,
Bestowed on all those who look upon,
The Lord lifted up, who grants redemption,
Given through faith, unto our salvation.

Jesus took the fault, eternal punishment, pain, and fall,
Bearing with it, all the trials, turmoil, and withdrawals,
Accumulated and manifest, because of our falls.
The Perfect Lamb, slaughtered in shame, pain, and blame for all.

Nothing so excruciating, could ever be done,
For souls whose fatal corruption in enmity, could ever be won,
But by the saving, sacrificing, righteous love of the Holy Son.
Do not ever mock what God has wrought in agony, for fun.

Grace, where art Thou now, my inspiration and power?
Why hast Thou turned Thy face, against my brow?
Art Thou gone, or dost Thou now bow down before dumb idols for naught?
Could it be my unanswered, under achieved, wasted life, sought for but not caught?

May I find my course’s reason,
But for mankind’s very own treason?
Could the way before, though it be not mine,
Be for consumption, of both heart and mind?

For heaven’s sake, please, feed me a supper’s plate,
Which won’t leave me filled with hate,
But instead, bring me love and retreat,
Which just might, through might, I might eat.

For I am empty, eaten, through starvation’s words,
Strategically placed near the slaughter’s cross, cursed.
I await my eternal turn, to follow mine, a martyr’s tale,
To defy all the rest of my life, remaining true, yet to unveil.


Sacramental Sabbath

Our Savior and Redeemer Mild

Christ is the water and bread of life,
Poured out and broken for us to take part.
Everything denotes His love,
His perfect sacrifice for us.

His soul He offered unto God,
His life He surrendered on the cross.
He is the Christ, our exaltation prize,
Our Savior and Redeemer mild.

His healing balm knows no end.
His service to the broken to mend.
Once to humbly lay His life by,
Now He reigns in heaven on high.

To be partakers of His fruits,
We must bear His life in us,
To tree from roots.
Herein are the gospel tools.

Christ the Lord who reigns on high,
Let us always be nearby Thy side.
We have come to earth to do our part,
Bestow now charity in our hearts.

With hearts and hands to serve Thine all,
We adhere to Thee to fulfill Thy call.
Always to give in love, Spirit and truth,
Thy holy peace, makes all things new.


Sacred Healing

Unto Thee

This freeing point reminds me,
Of Thy removal of all my pain.
This growth confirms in one seed,
Thy ability to change every grain.

This feeling restores my hope in Thee,
Of who I am and where I’ll be.
I find grace inside Thy life’s meaning,
And plans for me through all eternities.

Every law and choice is within Thee,
For Thou didst create everything,
And with the fall, Thou didst redeem,
Purchasing all with Thy bleeding.

I’ve paid the price to know Thy sacrifice.
Freedom is now mine, for I am Thine.
I was up for sale, but only Unto Thee,
In exchange of my life, for Heaven’s deeds.

This life of strife and gain is miraculous to me.
I’m ready to face my path, and win in dignity.
I owe myself to Thee, for I am not my own.
Thou dost own me, and I am finally home.

With this great suffered offering,
Thou hast given of Thyself for all,
I will bless all wandering through beckoning,
Giving my heart to break down all walls.

I’m in this place, because it’s where Thou art,
Becoming more like Thee, as I follow Thy heart.
This is my place too, and there’s plenty of room.
I want you here, so come unto Christ’s truth.

If you are not here yet, let me help you bear.
Together we will share every care, prepare;
For He is aware, and will draw you close in prayer.
With full commitment, we’ll arrive there.

I pray we’ll have more joy to exceed the pain,
And life more abundantly from all the rain.
I thank Thee my Lord, for showing me Thy way,
Forever Unto Thee, I rejoice every day!


The Father Unto Us

The good word of God. See if you can find yourself in here.

Child of Mine

Courage and gratitude child of mine.
Thy way is unfolding unto my divine.
My arms and hands do uphold thee,
In my footsteps thou art carried.

I with thee traverse this coarse trek,
Making thy way through sordid wreck.
My heart shields thine, and light shines.
My whisper to teach of the sublime.

All is conquered, press on, press on!
Newness reigns in the dawn.
We’ll rule at last, as freedom Gods,
As heaven smiles, and deity nods.

Love is pure, and sacrifice sets free,
Making royalty of you and me.
In righteous lives are fruits of wisdom,
Building hope, and breaking desperation.

Thou art mine with no detachment.
We are one through love’s commitment.
Christ is the way, truth and life.
Come to Him that your burdens be light.

We give our will, time and talents,
To our Father who’s endowed us.
Throughout earth life’s time our test,
We must each do our very best.

All we are and hope to be,
Comes from Him and His deeds,
Planted in our souls as seeds.
We are His children, growing as He.


Where We Want To Be; What It Takes

Celestial Life

Faith, and sharing love;
These are beautiful true glories.
Inspiring, and lifting up,
We give pure, worthy, holy praise.

What will I do to gain eternal life?
Serve both friend and foe with delight.
My life is to be my Lord’s,
For He is my most excellent reward.

Newness of life is what He brings,
For Jesus saves with advent offering.
I can see it now in spheres of brightest glory,
Father and family in greatest reunion’s story.

No longer is the time of probation’s trial,
‘Tis as a dream, and now eternal life’s arrival.
Exultant overjoy, and jubilant triumph reign,
For infinite eternity, and we are perfectly safe.

To live the highest law,
And minister on Christ’s behalf,
We must see all as an eternal God,
For this is our sacred path.

This is our ultimate destiny and beyond,
For in the Celestial Kingdom we belong.
We start by sharing Christ’s love and saving Spirit,
And purifying our garments in redemption’s atonement.


Mission Statement

Welcome to Shiftless Core!

“Our goal is to uplift, entertain and equip you with fun, awesome and powerfully righteous music! To enrich your everyday life, change your attitude and make you unstoppable!

“Shiftless Core, the space where light ignites the ever burning flame of passion through the sound of music! Shiftless Core, the band of right over wrong, power through song and living a life that’s on!”

Below are poems, not lyrics, of the more sacred things I feel. To see lyrics, go to the Lyrics – Poll Tab.


What is Truth?

With so much confusion and dissension about what is right and wrong, or especially what is true, if anything is true, it’s a marvelous gift given from God, that His true church has been restored again in these latter (last) days. There are many good people everywhere who are looking, who serve God and others, and who follow Him with all their hearts, but with a fullness of truth, there is so much more that can be done.

God has again called upon mankind, and given us prophets, apostles and set up His church and kingdom once again, with His priesthood power, never to be lost again through apostasy, as has happened all throughout earth’s history, as is outlined in the Holy Bible. He has made preparations for His people to be ready and able to receive their Savior when He comes again.

This knowledge and power is so important, and absolutely imperative that people be strengthened against the attacks of the adversary and not deceived. We all need the protection and power of God, and what does His church afford? Everything needed to remain steadfast through these turbulent times as the gospel continues to grow and His word goes forth in power, glory and authority. We need to help provide the good people of the earth, who will truly want to come unto Christ, with the necessary priesthood ordinances needed, to gain salvation, eternal life and exaltation in the world to come. Through grace, repentance and righteous actions, we can all prepare for what our Heavenly Father’s will is for us.

This poem piece depicts the zeal of one who feels, at having the fullness of these marvelous blessings of the restored gospel in their life, working for the good of them and all those around them, loving God with all their heart, might, mind and strength. We can all love and serve our fellow brothers and sisters in power and truth. Please enjoy this piece and find out more at:


Father wants you to be brave,
He wants you to be bold,
Come with courage to His word,
Grab on and take hold!

Once you’ve got yourself in Him,
And He in you, you will find there is nothing 
That in His love you can’t do!
This is the power of truth!

Oh the power, freedom and light,
And courage to stand tall beside,
The One who gave His life,
For all who abide, in Him!

Father’s will and Holy Spirit to guide you,
And gifts to freely give unto,
All those who enter into,
His way, through His words which lift you.

The Father commandeth all men everywhere,
To repent and believe in His son Jesus Christ,
To be baptized, that they may receive,
The Gift of the Holy Ghost, and be sanctified.

Become as a little child, or ye can in nowise,
Enter into the kingdom of God.
This is Christ’s doctrine,
Built on the rock of revelation.

To learn what you must know,
And do what is required of you,
Go often to His words, to study,
Pray, ponder and ask in truth!


The Great Plan of Happiness

The Atonement and Fall

For a message about the atonement, it is the rectification of the breaking of a universal law, in which the outcome is known in general terms as “the fall.” This atonement is also the blessing of the entire human family throughout all the eternities. So much of how we allow the atonement’s reach to be for us in the eternities, depends on our faithfulness according to the light and knowledge we have and receive here. In other words, we are to do the very best we can, with what we have and are given.

This fall, which started in the garden of Eden, made possible the birth of sin into this world, through introducing an unhealthy substance to their bodies, namely the fruit of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, which poisoned their bodies, opening the door for sin to stick to and apply itself to their bodies, and bringing eventual death. Before the fall, Jesus’ forthcoming atonement would not have been able to clean them, because they were unknowledgeable of their sin. This means that they could do wrong, but not understand that what they were doing was wrong, except it be told them. This was their predicament in being innocent without wisdom or knowledge. Therefore, Eve needed to partake of the fruit, and Adam also, to learn for themselves, and progress from grace to grace through the atonement.

As is stated in LDS doctrine, partaking of the fruit gave their bodies the ability to have children, through the effect the fall had on them. God, who is without sin, and who cannot create anything in sin, had to create them in this state of innocence, to then try them with the commandment to multiply and replenish the earth, and not partake of the fruit which would bring about knowledge of sin. For God cannot look upon sin with the least degree of allowance.

But even as the atonement was already part of God’s plan before sending us to this earth, so too was the fall. Heavenly Father is not capable of sin, so He could not create Adam and Eve into a fallen state to carry out His purposes for His children, which purpose is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man.

Truly this fall, which not only changed Adam and Eve by introducing eventual death to their bodies, and the ability to have seed, or children, it also changed the earth into a corruptible state, bringing about entropy and decay.

Christ is the rectification of this fall, using it to further the growth and potential of mankind, through turning something hard and sorrowful, into something good and glorious, by learning from our mistakes and repenting. So is this life.

Indeed the Tree of Life planted in the garden of Eden was God’s pinnacle creation in the garden, in terms of plant life, and man, the pinnacle of his creation, even after the image and likeness of Himself and His Son Jesus Christ. The tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil was originally planted there by God as a fig tree, but through the evil influence of Satan and his devils, they wrought upon it, and it became unclean, thus unfit for Adam and Eve’s bodies to partake of. There is always a little bit of bad to everything good, and a little bit of good to everything bad. We know this because there is opposition in all things, and all things must be a compound in one, or it must needs be as dead or as naught. Our task is to choose that better part. The tree was there and Satan cast down to earth by God, to start the process of earth life for His children, so that they could suffer, have joy, learn, grow and have children, all toward the purpose of becoming more like our Father in Heaven.

The Atonement takes something which would by itself be the destruction of mankind (the fall), and raises mankind’s course upward into the celestial realms, where attainment to godhood is made possible. For as a child can become like their parents, so too can we, as literal children of our Father in Heaven, become like Him.

As was God’s plan in the beginning, He wanted us to be like Him, and to do this, we had to pass through mortality, as He once had, walk in the path wrought out by the Savior through His holy atonement, come unto Him, repent and keep His commandments.

With such a glorious gift as this, is it any wonder that those who understand this atonement and live by it, truly rejoice in their love and relationship with our Savior? Our Savior lives! He is the course of true joy and happiness! He understands all of us and our needs and concerns, and cares perfectly. How? Through the atonement. Because He experienced it. He also carries us, and lessens the burdens we carry, only to the degree we can bear, that we too can experience growth from trial. This is essential. We need to go to Him, and not try doing things by ourselves, for this is the great plan of happiness!


A plan was presented,
In which One was chosen,
To carry the burden,
To give eternal progress.

Agency was the founding proposal,
And opposition was to be,
A perpetual agent, to achieve advancement,
In this most critical time of being.

In this plan, a heavenly law was broken,
And a falling away resulted.
There needed to be a way,
For all mankind to be saved.

So God our Father who loves us,
Sent His Son on our behalf,
Anointed and sacred,
To be the atoning One, and mark the path.

He was the Lamb of God,
The Firstborn, perfect and blameless,
The very greatest in heaven,
Offered up for us to return.

To magnify His Father’s power,
And give glory to Him on high,
He came to ultimately suffer, be crucified, die,
And raise again from death to life.

To do His Father’s will, was His only design.
His atonement is for all mankind,
Infinite, and eternally divine, to make us clean,
Redeem, set free, and never die again.


My Poetic Journey Has Led Me Here

Woodwind Experience

My elementary experience in being a son,
Came as I lay pondering on how my heart was won.
Father had sung to me on a woodwind Shawm.
I had felt His tender mercies melt my icy dawn.

Next came the strings with high and low stirrings.
These layers hemmed me in with notes appealing.
My art was born and crafted in the core of me.
This language of new creation my choice of speech.

Then came percussion inside my heartbeat soul.
I raised the banner beat attempting inner control,
Not realizing this alone was not my solemn role.
Who was I to ask for such a grandiose goal?

My inner longing for home and being whole,
Became my sole appetite and ambition for condole.
This heart which misfits its own housing,
Is broken down from all this crowding.

I want fluid Spirit flowing through my veins,
As wind through a flute, proclaiming harmonious strains.
“Oh, how can a heart which bleeds be the instrument of peace?”
Only a Savior can answer these cries of, “Please!”

Empty, and then fill this eroded emotional vessel,
That I may cross back into life, from this rifted threshold.
I desire a soul that’s innocent and wise,
Which takes only Godly delight in family ties.

How have I been undone all this time; never free,
Through all knowing plans, with races won and yet to run?
Because I am not the master but He,
And in this musical key I chose to agree.


The Importance of Family


Mine is a gift from God,
To be born of loving parents,
Who willingly spend their all,
To nurture as their call.

The way to happiness,
Is about selflessness.
It begins with giving life,
And continues in spreading light.

Amongst each trial we bear,
Is a strength deeper than every care,
Which holds us all together,
For we are a family forever.

Now and for all eternity,
We are cherished by God as glory,
For we are His family,
Sons and daughters of His royalty.

As we live faithfully,
We will return someday,
To reunite everlastingly,
And progress after Deity.

We shall not falter nor fail,
For we are sent to prevail,
And after all we learn and do,
God will uphold all His faithful true.

With patience we will run the race,
Knowing that as we seek His face,
One day we’ll be in His embrace.
This is what strengthens the family race.


The Meaning of LOVE


Love is eternity to me.
It transcends all beauty.
It encompasses reality,
And overwhelms formality.

It reaches deep and long,
Makes right from wrong,
Brings hope to go on,
And makes weak things strong.

I’m in love with compassion,
Passionate about intimacy,
Live for bliss and holiness,
And lay down as a lamb in peace.

Worth giving, worth living in,
Worth giving into, and living true.
This force is not forced,
It is God given, to be the source.

It will remain, and can’t be contained.
It is feeling, sacrifice, said and done,
Charity realized, wholly prized as the Son.
Love is open, ever growing, wise and fun!

Never to be disguised, love.


Extreme Expression of Gratitude

Hi all!

At this time I would like to personally thank all of you who have liked, followed and enjoyed these posts. I am blessed to have so many taking interest in this blog. I encourage you to leave a comment or share a post which particularly inspires or touches you. This would mean so much to me. Thank you!

Faithfully yours,


Follow Your Dreams


All the dreams I have,
Have not yet quite been said.
They’re fighting to be alive,
Not just wishes instead.

I know that if I say them,
Plan, and talk about,
That this is one step closer,
Than just being inside my head.

Next I want no rumors,
Just fact or fiction, yet truth,
To be sliced right down the middle,
Defining the what and who.

Leaving me with my options,
Unrestrained but by judgment’s care.
Who then would ever settle,
When all you need to do is dare?

What joy there is to work,
With ambition on your side,
And see your whole life turning,
As a ransomed love affair, and joy ride.

Then gather friends beside you,
Let bounty, love, and truth,
Provide until the sunrise,
Brings vast morning wealth, as proof.

But do not count on money,
‘Tis a random fleeting thing.
The abundance of which I speak,
Is the peace caught hold from giving.


To Be a Crowned Individual


The words of God are working in your life.
The Holy Spirit is your constant guide.
You have abundant peace within your soul,
Where otherwise there would be a black hole.

Your life has sweetness beyond description,
Which draws in all love with pure submission.
Grandest Joy overwhelms you with delight,
As a sunrise of holy sweeping light.

You are Heavenly Father’s special child,
And He will give you all to satisfy.
Listen to the urgings of Christ inside,
Which always lead you on to choose the right.

Each obedient choice to follow through,
Is a new and proven way to bless you.
The way is paved, join Him here today.
You will be with the strong as you obey.

On earth, choice dreams are born, given voice.
In Heaven, you are given unseen joy.
Each moment, every passing time He gives,
Creation’s atonement, within us lives.

Whether living in the abundant life,
Or surviving in poverty and strife,
You can know you are not left alone,
For in an open heart there is a home.

In the absence of need there is still want,
And in the presence of need there is God.
Always remain in the omniscience of light,
one day you will be glorified on high.


Champion the Cause of Truth

New Horizon

I am in an open new place.
One that has a brand new face.
One which bears a new grace,
And one in which I take new pace.

I’ve never seen this view before,
But I’ve entered through a new door,
And all is coming that’s in store.
It’s clear to me more and more.

That now I race with new strength,
The right course which at length,
Will land me on the battle rank,
And lead me on to my reign.

For now it’s time to actively pursue,
All the work that’s mine to valiantly do,
And with each step uncovering truth,
My soul is enlivened, and all things made new.

My life is in love, my heart joyously seeks,
All for my God, who endlessly speaks.
Between me and He is a canyon so deep,
Which can only be crossed, on the bridge of charity.

So up with your might, and on with the fight,
As warriors in God’s army, we must triumph in light.
His sons and daughters, glorious beacons bright,
Onward, onward, ’till all is made right!

We are given the victory, as we defeat the foe.
So onward, onward, to our conquering
With our courage made sure, and strength whole,
We press ever forward, fighting for each soul.


Come, and Know Him

Face to Face

Coming straight from God’s own soul,
Is this Man who humbly plays His role.
He is as the Father in every way.
He comes to earth today to lead the way.

Come and see His works of art.
Come and know His true full heart.
He cherishes you and me.
He will truly set you free.

His soul lives inside of me.
Come, come and see!
He runs to me without hesitation,
And answers my every question.

He heals and walks with me.
Let Him in, and become clean and godly.
Can your eyes behold His grace?
Yes, with faith.

What is His name?
He has many, and He is calling yours.
He will bring you to this place,
Where you can worship Him, face to face.


The Tide Will Turn Toward Human Unity

In ancient American history, there were groups we refer to as the ancestors of the American Indians. We give them names such as Myan, Inca, etc. They have a record which was found and translated by a Man named Joseph Smith in the 1800’s, and is entitled, The Book of Mormon. In this book, the different groups of “Indians” were distinguished by the suffix –ites, such as Nephites, Lamanites, etc. In this lyric, I’m using “No manner of -ites,” to describe the oneness that should, and eventually will exist between people and humanity.

No Manner of -ites

I am praying for the day,
When all walls will fall away,
And we as sons and daughters,
Will all truly obey.

The commandment to love one another,
Is as the first and great commission.
To love God with all our hearts,
Might, mind, and strength, our mission.

This is the celestial law abiding,
With no lies or self-deceit in the way,
There must be no inner hiding,
And for all this we must pray.

We all require our one true King,
And only he can sustain and set free,
But to be in his kingdom,
Each one must be at peace.

In this we must have no boundaries,
No place we cannot go,
For a King to reign in heaven,
There must be every room to grow.

There will be no manner of -ites,
No one will be excluded from their rights.
Each one loved as all are one,
Every moment blessed with pure divine.

Here in these last days, this is our destination,
For as Christ is to come, we are to receive him.
None will abide the day, unless we are together,
In one body, one faith, under one head, forever.


A look at the Blessings of Providence

Unto you is given holy light,
That you may choose the highest right.
All treasures have I to give,
To unify, edify, lift, and live.

To grow, gain, build, and rise,
I give you gifts of the highest price,
That you may always have gifts to share,
To bestow on all in fervent prayer.

I give you peace to show the world,
The way, the truth, the way I AM,
That all my presence may be unfurled,
As a bond and token banner to all man.

All things have life and place in me,
To show all mysteries of light heavenly.
The good, the bad, the balance scale,
The one on one hand, and the other in hell.

There is one thing in the middle,
Which is the fulcrum point of life,
And whichever side you hang from,
You will have power and judgment to decide.

I desire you to be with Me,
To live and stand steadfast in liberty,
So give cause to freedom and justice,
And you shall obtain divine mercy.

For every hand that reaches out,
To hold mine in covenant clasp,
Will find their life here renewed,
And finally be home with me at last.


We Have a Modern Day Prophet


The great mouthpieces of God.
Laying down, establishing the Iron rod.
Testifying witnesses of Christ,
Giving their lives to proclaim His sacrifice.

These are some of the mantle duties,
Of prophets chosen and ordained of God,
Called to bear the blood of each stewardship soul,
Bringing exaltation in God’s mighty plan.

Holding fast, establishing Zion,
Being a beacon to a fallen world.
Proceeding in God’s perfect plan,
To carry forth His will and work for man.

Prophets have the gifts of revelation,
Prophecy and seership, lifting up
The voice of warning, urging each precious soul,
Onward down their solemn path.

There is a celebration for all God’s people,
Who strictly heed their prophet’s voice and call,
Unto all the nations and kindreds of the earth,
In which safety, joy and peace make oneness for all.

We each need their clarity, wisdom and insight,
Born of their gifts of suffering, charity and sacrifice.
May we each live, so that if called upon from heaven,
He, she, may be found as worthy as a prophet.

For many are called, but few are chosen.
Yet the Lord would have all His people serve,
Being a light in this fallen world,
As His chosen and anointed.


How Do You See Yourself?

In His Image

One very special place,
Within each person’s face,
Reveals inner confidence to be seen,
From relying on God’s providence to be clean.

It’s not just in their smile,
Nor in their pretty style,
But in their eyes,
Where this knowledge resides.

When we feel and know who we really are, as in days of yore,
Revealed by removing the veil, from our life of before,
We know all things in life have eternal direction and meaning,
As we move forward in eternal progression, redeeming.

Through the lens of wisdom we see,
That God’s kingdom is the only place of peace.
Covenants, ordinances, obedience and grace, give us the keys,
Which open heaven’s doors to power, aiding us to be free.

Life has great purpose and joy,
For as servants we work in our Father’s employ.
We no longer grope at the wall,
But in valor and righteousness, conquer all.

Throughout seasons of fashion and trend,
We hold fast to moral standards wise, and defend,
Our brothers and sisters, each our friend,
Strengthening each other, on whom we depend.

When this is done, then heart, mind, body and Spirit,
Are in their proper, ordained and intended design.
For truth is voiced unto all, but who will Hear Him?
Glory be unto their bright, and enlivened souls divine.


An Inspiring Teaser

Passing Time

I am way ahead of time.
I pass each minute as I climb.
I am in the current of life,
Above the lower strife.

God’s words unveil the truth,
And my soul can behold the proof.
I am lifted up, as was He who drank the cup,
And took all ill, and neutralized it with His love.

His life and death passes time,
Both before and beyond,
And recreates all of essence,
Which resides in His presence.

Time is now an issue of the past.
I am no longer a slave to its tasks.
I have been divided into one,
And can now see into the Son.

So as time passes, I am in the present,
And I know the outcome of the future.
For sight is following the light,
And living over the ruptured night.

What will you do with your time?


Finding Your Place of Grace Now

In This Quiet Place Again

I am in this quiet place.
I can hear laughter as they race,
To join me by these waters,
To tell stories of our journeys.

Shortly I feel their touch,
As our hands and faces embrace.
We are happy tonight,
Here in the quiet moonlight.

It is my friends whom I love so dear.
We are dancing and singing with endless cheer.
Then comes a gentle man,
To share in our evenings plans.

We sit around the edge,
Of the sweet river bed,
And listen with our hearts,
To our Christ, whose words He imparts.

As He tells the water calms,
And the wind suddenly stills.
The sounds of nature all around,
Become quiet, so that He is the only sound.

It penetrates my soul,
As I feel His words unfold,
And I think to myself,
It’s worth it, I’m glad I didn’t quit.

I could go on like this forever,
And I will, and it will only get better.
For my peace and rest I enjoy,
I am full of eternal life and joy.

I am here in this quiet place again,
As I see that I’m on earth,
But I know where I will go,
As I feel my endless worth.

I can come here at any time,
And in time that’s where I’ll be,
To share my forever
And eternity, with deity.


A Poet’s Christmas

The Christmas Child

Sharing, caring, darling child,
Soon to be so strong and mild.
After comes the One whom she,
Sees in Him the One to be.

Mary gives the Christmas child.
Life He wins through godly trial.
Come increase in His love and peace,
Until all works of darkness cease.

All the earth He made to give,
That His brothers and sisters may live.
In Him is found our holy grace,
For in Him all life has place.

His heart is always open,
To receive and heal us from sin.
His hope is always sure.
In Him we can all be made pure.

Giving us gracious gifts, He renews our lives,
With repentance He is bound to us, through holy ties.
His hands which bore the cross,
Can lift us up, and make up all our loss.

His Father is our Sire,
Who gave us rebirth through His holy fire,
That if we will through freedom come,
He will guide us on the path of His Son.

My heart cries out, “How holy and great Thou art!
Make me Thy steward by setting me apart!
Oh merciful, and loving gentle Jesus,
In Thy loving arms receive us!”

My faith in Thee is pure,
And my hope and salvation sure.
My everlasting need is filled in Thee.
My everlasting soul is forever free!

The beauty and glory of it all,
Thou hast saved me from the fall.
My life embraces Thy holy love.
My strength comes from Thee above!

Free at last, free from the past,
My heart has turned from stone to glass!
The effect of my sin is no more,
Thy love and work hath carried me ashore.

Once more fresh, and anew in Christ,
I gratefully receive this gift of Godly price.
And with this life Thou hast given me,
I will bless all others to come unto Thee!

The Lord has already taken our load.
He has not forgotten us, graven and bestowed.
He has borne our crosses, the schemes of man,
Being lifted and gifted high, upon the palms of His hands.

We are the Lord’s true delight, the reason He died.
He now awaits our arrival, with arms open wide.
Our great Lord loves us today and always, for He is risen!
Providing provision all our days, and we are forgiven!


An Exciting New Poem, “Just Off The Press!”


One goal and many choices,
But one is heard among the voices.
We are learning to battle out the bad,
Changing for a new heart that’s glad.

Let’s look at the sources,
There are two opposing forces.
One says come and stay,
The other says get lost, go away.

As we sank down from the trip that lead to misery,
We thought we’d reached the point of no return.
Then we found a lightened destiny,
Which blazed a trail and made us burn.

Purifying flames made us come alive.
Minds were carried through the veil of time.
We were set down again on barren climbs,
Once again aided to cross the jagged divide.

He again resounds, “Come, follow me.”
A simple phrase among the many,
But more profound than any,
And in these words, a precious melody.

We are the ransomed, in a world of the damned,
Reversing the process, giving light and hope to man.
Chosen to do the work of saving lives,
This right we honor, and in it shine.

In living according to His word,
We gain the reward of whom we serve.
We must attain our goal from the right source.
Be sure you are following the right course.


First Sign

Hello, and a big Welcome to the Shiftless Core Blog!

Every day I wake up and I hear the song.
Over on the mountain is where I belong.
Walking with my guide right by my side,
I’m nailed to the cross but I’m alive!
That’s my first sign!

These are some words that came to me over 20 years ago, when I knew and realized that I must change my life.

My child I’m sorry that you must see misery.
It will turn to joy for you as you hold on to me.
My love like the morning light,
Will set a pace for you just right.
The way before is tried and true,
You can use the truth as living proof.
There is a shortcut I’m showing you,
It’s keeping the commandments for they are true.
That’s my first sign!

All because the Lord knew and drew me in, I was able to come out of the hell I was in, and emerge a new creature, from chrysalis to a beautiful new butterfly. A traveler in metamorphosis, as I sometimes like to call them, a flutterby. Now I’m attempting to share any good gift I can with others.

This is the first sign I’ve received,
I’ve been running blind and deceived.
The first sign I see inside,
Tells me I must kill my pride.
First I must fight the war within,
Give to Him all of my sin.
Become the life He’s living in me,
Break these chains and become free!
That’s my first sign.

As my life began to change, I began to know and feel great hope, and understand and know more fully, the love, power and tender mercies of God the Eternal Father, and His Son Jesus Christ.

It’s truly worth it, so run to the light.
Go forward and embrace everything right.
Give and receive as my servant son.
Be made whole and made at one.
That’s my first sign!

With this said, here are the plans:
• For now, I’m going to post motivating and uplifting poems and messages, to inspire and edify, giving an idea of the kind and quality of Shiftless Core lyrics and brand.
• As things evolve, I plan to get more involved in illustrating the evolution of Shiftless Core, and its progress as a band.
• Once fully up and running, this truly is the place for all Shiftless Core Music News!


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