The Benefits of Gratitude and Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving A day of giving, a day of thanks. A day to remember who gave His grace. We are of the same Fatherhood, Sharing His blessings in doing good. Every day may we give our blessings, Making each day our thanksgivings. This gift of His life, is the reason why, We can all have lives,... Continue Reading →

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Truth Restored The Lord teaches us to learn, pray and obey.One young boy sought to partake of grace,From the Good Book he earnestly came,Into the woods to inquire upon God’s name. In restoring all as at first,God has brought forth truth from the earth.His call to all is now heard.It is the pearl of greatest... Continue Reading →

My Grace, I Bow Before Thee Now

My Cup Runneth Over Your Grace My Lord, Your Grace, be engraven upon my knees, hands and face.I do not dwell upon Thy grief, but to find mine own hallowed relief.My heart shines now, I do adore and bow, causing my wool to be exquisite white.Thy life in mine, I humbly vow, My Grace, Thou... Continue Reading →

Sacramental Sabbath

Our Savior and Redeemer Mild Christ is the water and bread of life,Poured out and broken for us to take part.Everything denotes His love,His perfect sacrifice for us.His soul He offered unto God,His life He surrendered on the cross.He is the Christ, our exaltation prize,Our Savior and Redeemer mild.His healing balm knows no end.His service... Continue Reading →

Sacred Healing

Unto Thee This freeing point reminds me,Of Thy removal of all my pain.This growth confirms in one seed,Thy ability to change every grain. This feeling restores my hope in Thee,Of who I am and where I’ll be.I find grace inside Thy life’s meaning,And plans for me through all eternities. Every law and choice is within... Continue Reading →

The Father Unto Us

The good word of God. See if you can find yourself in here. Child of Mine Courage and gratitude child of mine. Thy way is unfolding unto my divine. My arms and hands do uphold thee, In my footsteps thou art carried. I with thee traverse this coarse trek, Making thy way through sordid wreck.... Continue Reading →

Where We Want To Be; What It Takes

Celestial Life Faith, and sharing love; These are beautiful true glories. Inspiring, and lifting up, We give pure, worthy, holy praise. What will I do to gain eternal life? Serve both friend and foe with delight. My life is to be my Lord’s, For He is my most excellent reward. Newness of life is what... Continue Reading →

Mission Statement

Welcome to Shiftless Core! “Our goal is to uplift, entertain and equip you with fun, awesome and powerfully righteous music! To enrich your everyday life, change your attitude and make you unstoppable! “Shiftless Core, the space where light ignites the ever burning flame of passion through the sound of music! Shiftless Core, the band of... Continue Reading →

What is Truth?

With so much confusion and dissension about what is right and wrong, or especially what is true, if anything is true, it's a marvelous gift given from God, that His true church has been restored again in these latter (last) days. There are many good people everywhere who are looking, who serve God and others,... Continue Reading →

The Great Plan of Happiness

The Atonement and Fall For a message about the atonement, it is the rectification of the breaking of a universal law, in which the outcome is known in general terms as “the fall.” This atonement is also the blessing of the entire human family throughout all the eternities. So much of how we allow the... Continue Reading →

My Poetic Journey Has Led Me Here

Woodwind Experience My elementary experience in being a son, Came as I lay pondering on how my heart was won. Father had sung to me on a woodwind Shawm. I had felt His tender mercies melt my icy dawn. Next came the strings with high and low stirrings. These layers hemmed me in with notes... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Family

Family Mine is a gift from God, To be born of loving parents, Who willingly spend their all, To nurture as their call. The way to happiness, Is about selflessness. It begins with giving life, And continues in spreading light. Amongst each trial we bear, Is a strength deeper than every care, Which holds us... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of LOVE

Love Love is eternity to me. It transcends all beauty. It encompasses reality, And overwhelms formality. It reaches deep and long, Makes right from wrong, Brings hope to go on, And makes weak things strong. I'm in love with compassion, Passionate about intimacy, Live for bliss and holiness, And lay down as a lamb in... Continue Reading →

Extreme Expression of Gratitude

Hi all! At this time I would like to personally thank all of you who have liked, followed and enjoyed these posts. I am blessed to have so many taking interest in this blog. I encourage you to leave a comment or share a post which particularly inspires or touches you. This would mean so... Continue Reading →

Follow Your Dreams

Dreams All the dreams I have, Have not yet quite been said. They’re fighting to be alive, Not just wishes instead. I know that if I say them, Plan, and talk about, That this is one step closer, Than just being inside my head. Next I want no rumors, Just fact or fiction, yet truth,... Continue Reading →

To Be a Crowned Individual

Light The words of God are working in your life. The Holy Spirit is your constant guide. You have abundant peace within your soul, Where otherwise there would be a black hole. Your life has sweetness beyond description, Which draws in all love with pure submission. Grandest Joy overwhelms you with delight, As a sunrise... Continue Reading →

Champion the Cause of Truth

New Horizon I am in an open new place. One that has a brand new face. One which bears a new grace, And one in which I take new pace. I’ve never seen this view before, But I’ve entered through a new door, And all is coming that’s in store. It’s clear to me more... Continue Reading →

Come, and Know Him

Face to Face Coming straight from God's own soul, Is this Man who humbly plays His role. He is as the Father in every way. He comes to earth today to lead the way. Come and see His works of art. Come and know His true full heart. He cherishes you and me. He will... Continue Reading →

The Tide Will Turn Toward Human Unity

In ancient American history, there were groups we refer to as the ancestors of the American Indians. We give them names such as Myan, Inca, etc. They have a record which was found and translated by a Man named Joseph Smith in the 1800’s, and is entitled, The Book of Mormon. In this book, the... Continue Reading →

A look at the Blessings of Providence

Bestow Unto you is given holy light, That you may choose the highest right. All treasures have I to give, To unify, edify, lift, and live. To grow, gain, build, and rise, I give you gifts of the highest price, That you may always have gifts to share, To bestow on all in fervent prayer.... Continue Reading →

We Have a Modern Day Prophet

Prophets The great mouthpieces of God. Laying down, establishing the Iron rod. Testifying witnesses of Christ, Giving their lives to proclaim His sacrifice. These are some of the mantle duties, Of prophets chosen and ordained of God, Called to bear the blood of each stewardship soul, Bringing exaltation in God’s mighty plan. Holding fast, establishing... Continue Reading →

How Do You See Yourself?

In His Image One very special place, Within each person’s face, Reveals inner confidence to be seen, From relying on God’s providence to be clean. It’s not just in their smile, Nor in their pretty style, But in their eyes, Where this knowledge resides. When we feel and know who we really are, as in... Continue Reading →

An Inspiring Teaser

Passing Time I am way ahead of time. I pass each minute as I climb. I am in the current of life, Above the lower strife. God's words unveil the truth, And my soul can behold the proof. I am lifted up, as was He who drank the cup, And took all ill, and neutralized... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Place of Grace Now

In This Quiet Place Again I am in this quiet place. I can hear laughter as they race, To join me by these waters, To tell stories of our journeys. Shortly I feel their touch, As our hands and faces embrace. We are happy tonight, Here in the quiet moonlight. It is my friends whom... Continue Reading →

A Poet’s Christmas

The Christmas Child Sharing, caring, darling child, Soon to be so strong and mild. After comes the One whom she, Sees in Him the One to be. Mary gives the Christmas child. Life He wins through godly trial. Come increase in His love and peace, Until all works of darkness cease. All the earth He... Continue Reading →

First Sign

Hello, and a big Welcome to the Shiftless Core Blog! Every day I wake up and I hear the song. Over on the mountain is where I belong. Walking with my guide right by my side, I’m nailed to the cross but I’m alive! That’s my first sign! These are some words that came to... Continue Reading →

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