Grace Reborn

A Wander’s Compelling Journey Through Heartfelt Transformation and Change

Pools of Glory

As the evening takes pace, in a corner of space,
There are three pools of freshest water,
Being fed by God’s grace.
It is evening now, so the moon shows its glow,
Down on the pool’s face, down below.
It helps all things to grow.

It sets up above, the ground all around,
With trickling water, as the only sound.
It’s the most peaceful place, for miles around.
The very best, hidden from the world’s frown.
Around these pool’s lovely edges,
Are lush green grasses found.

Then among this green, there can be seen,
Beautiful flowers, of the most purple dream.
Not a creature does stir, this great happy place,
For at night they all leave, without leaving a trace.
Then up from above, comes a wandering soul,
Who without device, tries to take control.

This bird darts through the air, very unaware,
Of the shinning, shimmering pools below,
Not really knowing which way to go.
Then at a glance, he is caught in a trance,
And selfishly says, “What’s this I see?
Can it truly be, a place for me?

“Just a place where only I can be?
I’ll dive straight down, and guaranteed,
I’ll hide this spot, from those who might see,
And make this place, just for me.”
So ignoring the words of the wise,
He flies down to claim his prize.

With pride in his eyes, darkness begins to arise,
Hardening his heart, with a cloaked disguise.
All night long, instead of swimming around,
This selfish little bird, goes knocking things down.
He makes such a mess, and stirs quit a noise,
That this sick little bird, finds devilish joys.

He takes pride in control, and joys in things temporal,
Until finally at dawn, his mess is anything but simple.
“Well now,” he muses to himself on impulse,
“Those creatures who bug me, will now not see me.
I’ll be out of sight, and won’t have to fight.
Now everything, is going to be alright.

“All those meddlesome creatures, who go around biting,
Will have not the chance, because I’m in here, just hiding!

I’ve found what life’s all about,
It’s eating and drinking, a life of ease,
To get what I want, no need to say please!
I’ve got it all here, now there’s nothing to fear.

“In just a short while, those creatures who harass me,
Will be nothing less, than most unhappy.
They will look and look, for their inhabitance of mine,
But only I will enjoy, this waterside sunshine!
With my solitude and serenity, I’ll be fine,
And this is what it’s all about, every time!”

Well, in a day of bliss, his sick little wish,
Did make him pleased for then,
But he did not have much fun, in the days that did come.
All alone did he feel, with no friends who were real.
Yet by himself he did declare, “I’ll never go back,
And bear all that yak, and that is a fact!”

So the nights were so long, and the days seemed so wrong,
But this stubborn little bird, dared not to come on.
With lowering spirits, as life prolonged,
He started to sing, a heartfelt song.
First out of boredom, but then his soul started to yearn,
For something much deeper, than he had ever known.

Where is my peace, my piece of love?
I can’t find it out, all on my own,
Not even in the nicest place or home,
I need others to help me grow.”
Then as the searching others heard it,
Inside they too felt a quiet moan.

This also they had desired, but had sought it on their own.
Then said they, “We can all share this love,
In this life today, so why do we need to create,
Such antagonistic strife this way?
Let’s do start to obey, our Creator this day,
And from now on, do it His way.”

So they all gathered around,
To find the soul who, may be of some help,
To help them get through.
Now, when this little bird,
Heard their cry, he let out a sigh,
And began to ask himself, “Why?

“Why did it have to come this way?
Why could not this bliss, come so easy, I say?”
Then came the animal’s reply,
“We all hunger, but don’t know why,
So how can we even start to fly?
All we could do was try.

“Without a wish, or even a beg,
We couldn’t even get it into our head,
But when you started to sing,
A bell started to ring,
And we know now, that we must learn how,
To dance and to sing!

“So please come on out, from where you are,
We very much hope, you’re not very far.
Come be with us, and you will see,
We will try to live, more peaceably.”
So with love in his heart, he came over the top,
And said to them all, “Help me make this wall fall.”

So they all gathered around, working side by side,
Every one of them together, losing their pride.
They all went to work, and when it was through,
They wondered, “What’s next to do?”
“Let’s play in the water,
And even talk some too.”

Well, it wasn’t yet perfect, but far from where they were,
And each of them felt, a little more sure.
“This is good, so let’s spread the word,
It’s safe in this place, to come and belong.
And to think it all started, with one little song.
We will fight for the right, and vanquish the wrong!”

Yes, there in those pools,
They came and they went,
But as for the little bird who once claimed it,
He was there night and day,
For whomever wanted to play,
Wanted to play.

“We know the power of love is strong,
And in it, we can all belong,
So let’s come together,
And strive to be better,
And to think it all started,
With one little song.”


Sometimes God Finds Us – Even When We Run From Him

My Witness of the love and power of God for His Children

He’s always there. If I turn to the right, His Grace is there. If I turn to the left, His Mercy will find me. If I go back, He’s got me. If I go forward, I run straight into Him.

Just Seconds before this…!

The Halls of Heaven

It was just before my time was to come.
I would be leaving Thy presence, until it was done.
“It will be hard,” Thou had told me,
“How hard you know not,
How exquisite you know not,
Yea, how hard to bear you know not,
But fear not, for I have already sent
Your older Brother, and He will make it all right.”

Then, Thou didst hold me in Thy arms for five hours,
Comforting, speaking to and loving me,
Preparing me for what was to come,
For it was very, very scary.
“I’ll come down, when it comes to this time,
And witness to all, that if you truly love me,
I will not let you fall, but in due time,
You will conquer and fulfill all your godly call.”

Then, with trepidation and faith,
I walked with the Son to the portal,
And when to the place, we left with a kiss,
As Jesus said in a peaceful whisper,
“My son, you will put me through more
Than anyone else, but you’re worth it.
I know who you are to become to me.”
And we parted in a loving embrace.

Now, it wasn’t more what I would do,
Which would make Him suffer so,
But what would be done to me,
That would cause me to wholly abandon Him, and go.
Then at the peak, when my life was much too bleak,
I totally decided to take the spiritual leap,
And jump off into all oblivion,
Where Satan has all dominion.

So with Satan and all his devils,
His whole host prodding and shouting on,
My Father did something so miraculous,
For His hurting, rebellious little son.
He hurriedly left the halls of heaven,
Where He is sung to, loved and adored,
And rushed to our earth so sordid, so full of hate and scorn,
And faithfully fulfilled what he vowed to that morn.

Yes, my Father, the God of all the universe,
Left His heavenly throne, to rescue among the demon’s
Hateful harm and abase, wrapping me faithfully in His arms,
Pulling me steadily away from that ledge,
While I screamed and kicked Him in the face.
I will not repeat the words I cried,
As I cursed my Father so, but all the while
He knew who I really was, and would not let me go.

So there it had happened, as He said I would see,
“I will personally come down to save you,
And bring you back with Me.
I went down into to depths of hell to rescue you,
And I’d do it all over again, because you are my son,
And never ending friend. I will never let my children fall,
Who truly love me, and give me their all.
Our relationship will never end, for I am Thy Father, Amen.”


Love in Every Condition

Millennial Life

Perfect light, treasure bright,
Happily playing, I see the might.
Babes, learning in a world of Christ’s love.
Angels, ministering all around us.

God smiles, in His eyes I am found.
Bringing me peace, on solid ground.
Wisdom is attained, letting go of worldly crowns.
The Truth, in Love and Spirit, lifts up glorious sounds.

We live in divine, wonderful and marvelous times,
When all good will come about, through miraculous signs.
We will all succeed, as we share our love disclosing,
Giving God’s light and truth to all, especially the unloving.

If you do not shine, you can, and I will.
As we build our foundation upon the rock of God,
All will work for our good, learning through health and ill,
Though it be our nightmares, which drive us on.

The truth is, we all have them, yet,
I feel blessed to have had mine,
For love in its purest form, ignites fire, set,
By the intercession of our eternal Christ.

Straight from God’s heart, to ours, in kind,
He freely loves, heals and gives caring life.
I long for His kingdom, it is in my heart and mind.
This gift is ours, to make at One, in sweet delight.

I want to share this message with all, be wise,
And give yourself away, to heed the master’s calling.
Do not be swayed by the sickness, nor fooled by the lies.
I don’t know why so many lives have fallen.

Good choices free us, as we lean on the words of God.
We have so much to offer, we need to share the gospel with all.
As we impart, come, eat, drink, and be full with so much more.
Do not be scared, for He has walked your path before.

In all your troubles and burdens, have you had rest?
Come, follow Him, for it is as He says, you get the very best!
He is the Life and Light of the world, clean, strong and godly!
Share yourself with Him, and become sanctified, full and holy.

He will mercifully set a place with you to dine,
And One on one, teach you how to fly.
Thank you Lord Jesus, Brother, Savior without end,
For being my dear loving God, perfect ally and friend.


Spending Time With My Holy One

I Love Thee My Lord

Lord, I want to meet Thee again.
I want to be with Thee, like then.
Please come as I worship Thee,
One on One as brother to the Son.

Thou dost talk with me a while,
Turning my turmoil into a smile.
Renewed, I kneel and worship Thee,
As Thou dost tenderly love me.

<First Chorus>
I cherish my time with Thee.
In awe I gladly receive,
Turning over my offering,
Of strain and suffering.

Thou art here to comfort and heal,
With hands upon my head so still.
Thy words are said; I see the stars,
And all Thy creations at large.

Everything comes into view.
Most of all, I see Thee true,
Dying for me, the least of these,
Giving Thy sacred life for peace.

<Repeat First Chorus>

I am sure of Thy love for all.
In Thy hands I stand up tall.
When I need Thee, I can see Thee,
Always comforting and redeeming.

Just before our time is through,
I sit in Thy lap, give Thee a kiss,
And take a nap, as Thou dost tell me,
Beautiful stories from Thy life.

How I am in Thy dreams divine.
Then with love, Thou art in mine.
Before Thou dost depart,
Thou dost kiss me, close to heart.

<Second Chorus>
Thy host watching, singing along,
Giving hope to stay strong.
Thou art mine and I am Thine.
I love Thee my Lord.

<Repeat Second Chorus>


Mercy’s Arms Make Place For Grace


Mercy is the substance,
Which stops our downward fall,
And gives place for grace,
To then lift us to our potential.

It is the sure steady rock,
Which we can all rely upon.
It’s essence and founder,
Is Christ our Savior.

He gained this victory and power,
As He lived and sacrificed His life,
With charity as the oath and standard held,
And champion which prevailed.

Christ is the Word, possessing
Every perfect godly attribute,
Which were poured forth,
From the garden, cross, and tomb.

He bought our way to freedom,
Living and giving His life in perfect light,
Shewing us mercy in loving submission,
And giving all the power to rise.

Mercy and grace work side by side,
And hand in hand, for without them,
We could not comprehend,
Or be lifted out of the power of Satan.

Mercy is God’s gracious gift,
Our great loving rescuer.
Grace is shared by Christ,
His gifts of perfecting power.


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