Sometimes God Finds Us – Even When We Run From Him

My Witness of the love and power of God for His Children He's always there. If I turn to the right, His Grace is there. If I turn to the left, His Mercy will find me. If I go back, He's got me. If I go forward, I run straight into Him.Tweet Just Seconds before... Continue Reading →

Divine Visions

Vision of Love In a dream divine,My vision of the sublime,I entered Heaven.I lingered and longed,To stay in holy presence.As I did, I bade.The Lord Inviting,I moved in realms of glory,My eyes were opened.Beholding, I knelt,My heart in beat expanded,Grace, love in my soul.All around me felt,Our hearts knit and meld as one.Now returning home.My... Continue Reading →

Love in Every Condition

Millennial Life Perfect light, treasure bright,Happily playing, I see the might.Babes, learning in a world of Christ’s love.Angels, ministering all around us. God smiles, in His eyes I am found.Bringing me peace, on solid ground.Wisdom is attained, letting go of worldly crowns.The Truth, in Love and Spirit, lifts up glorious sounds. We live in divine,... Continue Reading →

Spending Time With My Holy One

I Love Thee My Lord Lord, I want to meet Thee again. I want to be with Thee, like then. Please come as I worship Thee, One on One as child to the Son. Thou dost talk with me a while, Turning my turmoil into a smile. Renewed, I kneel and worship Thee, As Thou... Continue Reading →

My Poetic Journey Has Led Me Here

Woodwind Experience My elementary experience in being a son, Came as I lay pondering on how my heart was won. Father had sung to me on a woodwind Shawm. I had felt His tender mercies melt my icy dawn. Next came the strings with high and low stirrings. These layers hemmed me in with notes... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Family

Family Mine is a gift from God, To be born of loving parents, Who willingly spend their all, To nurture as their call. The way to happiness, Is about selflessness. It begins with giving life, And continues in spreading light. Amongst each trial we bear, Is a strength deeper than every care, Which holds us... Continue Reading →

The Meaning of LOVE

Love Love is eternity to me. It transcends all beauty. It encompasses reality, And overwhelms formality. It reaches deep and long, Makes right from wrong, Brings hope to go on, And makes weak things strong. I'm in love with compassion, Passionate about intimacy, Live for bliss and holiness, And lay down as a lamb in... Continue Reading →

Extreme Expression of Gratitude

Hi all! At this time I would like to personally thank all of you who have liked, followed and enjoyed these posts. I am blessed to have so many taking interest in this blog. I encourage you to leave a comment or share a post which particularly inspires or touches you. This would mean so... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Place of Grace Now

In This Quiet Place Again I am in this quiet place. I can hear laughter as they race, To join me by these waters, To tell stories of our journeys. Shortly I feel their touch, As our hands and faces embrace. We are happy tonight, Here in the quiet moonlight. It is my friends whom... Continue Reading →

A Poet’s Christmas

The Christmas Child Sharing, caring, darling child, Soon to be so strong and mild. After comes the One whom she, Sees in Him the One to be. Mary gives the Christmas child. Life He wins through godly trial. Come increase in His love and peace, Until all works of darkness cease. All the earth He... Continue Reading →

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