True Love

Jopana's Journey Father, I know I am Thy literal son,And Thou hast told me, Thou hast totally forgiven me.I wholly believe Thee, but I don’t feel worthy,To even be called Thy son, cut off spiritually by the natural man. It is under the Son of God, I have been adopted in,And after the resurrection, after... Continue Reading →

Sometimes God Finds Us – Even When We Run From Him

My Witness of the love and power of God for His Children He's always there. If I turn to the right, His Grace is there. If I turn to the left, His Mercy will find me. If I go back, He's got me. If I go forward, I run straight into Him.Tweet Just Seconds before... Continue Reading →

My Grace, I Bow Before Thee Now

My Cup Runneth Over Your Grace My Lord, Your Grace, be engraven upon my knees, hands and face.I do not dwell upon Thy grief, but to find mine own hallowed relief.My heart shines now, I do adore and bow, causing my wool to be exquisite white.Thy life in mine, I humbly vow, My Grace, Thou... Continue Reading →

Love in Every Condition

Millennial Life Perfect light, treasure bright,Happily playing, I see the might.Babes, learning in a world of Christ’s love.Angels, ministering all around us. God smiles, in His eyes I am found.Bringing me peace, on solid ground.Wisdom is attained, letting go of worldly crowns.The Truth, in Love and Spirit, lifts up glorious sounds. We live in divine,... Continue Reading →

My Awakening

Our Great God is Moving for Us  When I wrote Beginning Journey, it actually came from inspiration in the form of a vision I had, regarding how my life’s situation would symbolically play out. I believe that if we are on the Lord’s errand, meaning that we are living for Him and serving others, He... Continue Reading →

My Budding Relationship with God

Closer In Thee Even as the Son is in Thee,I want to be, growing from seed,Giving glory in holy sanctity,Closer in Thee. As the earth is to tree,I want to be rooted in peace,Founded in holy increase,Bound up, never to leave. My soul’s richness,Deepens in living waters,Ever flowing pure and evenly,In the time we spend... Continue Reading →

Addiction: Forgiveness & Healing

Forgiveness To be tried is to live, And to repent to forgive. Now is our time to prove, To be healed and made new. Not feeling worthy of love, Dying in addiction’s clutch? The Savior’s hands are around, Working, until we are unbound. It’s very brutal and rough, To not feel strong enough, To allow... Continue Reading →

Starting Over – A New Birth

Born Again (In Law and Spirit) To take one’s heart, And meld it with another, Is the perfect place to start, When sharing with a brother. To break one’s heart, In the service of each other, Is to perfect the hidden part, Which cries out for a Father. No one has the trust of any,... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Family

Family Mine is a gift from God, To be born of loving parents, Who willingly spend their all, To nurture as their call. The way to happiness, Is about selflessness. It begins with giving life, And continues in spreading light. Amongst each trial we bear, Is a strength deeper than every care, Which holds us... Continue Reading →

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