Love in Every Condition

Millennial Life Perfect light, treasure bright,Happily playing, I see the might.Babes, learning in a world of Christ’s love.Angels, ministering all around us. God smiles, in His eyes I am found.Bringing me peace, on solid ground.Wisdom is attained, letting go of worldly crowns.The Truth, in Love and Spirit, lifts up glorious sounds. We live in divine,... Continue Reading →

My Awakening

Our Great God is Moving for Us  When I wrote Beginning Journey, it actually came from inspiration in the form of a vision I had, regarding how my life’s situation would symbolically play out. I believe that if we are on the Lord’s errand, meaning that we are living for Him and serving others, He... Continue Reading →

The Spirit of the Christ

Saving Night There was a glorious star, shining, Bright in the heavens, piercing. It lit up the night sky like lightning, Showing upon a village sight, conceiving. All was calm, even the bustle from that great day, For travelers who sought out their homeland pilgrimage, Were worn out from their travels of so far away.... Continue Reading →

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