Come to the One Who Saves

Hear Him

I am a returning pilot,
Climbing home from days of yore.
I sit in vast arraignment,
A fresh host unit to deploy.

My life on earth a test.
Fearless work to reap the spoil.
An open time upon investment,
Eternal millennia to rejoice.

I love to be with kindred friends,
Who did first their time employ,
In suffering their crosses to all ends,
In recourse of reasons we all enjoy.

So many acts of love, and tests won.
The thoughts of my heart His,
My mind’s intents, in the Son.
His will my core, my anthem, “He lives!”

In us His royal essence does reside.
As His ministers and grateful servants,
We the children of God in Him abide,
In blessings of righteous observance.

The meek inherit commandments with great delight.
Faithful endurance welcomes in eternal light.
Charity opens our spirit’s eyes to glorious, loving insight.
Forgiveness is the gift of our salvation’s highest right.

Through covenant living, realizing the price and prize,
With repentance, baptism; receiving Gift of Holy Spirit.
Broken, contrite, sweetly remembering our Lord’s sacrifice.
Dining with Him in solemn, sacred sacrament rite, “Hear ye Him!”


The Ancient Battle Ablaze

Ancient Battle

I am endlessly groping among these ancient ruins,
Trying to dodge all these hedges and thorny vines strewn.
I am searching for an ancient artifact, only aided by the moon.
The night has now turned into a pensive day,
Yet amid this solemn lonely gloom, my day is still a day away.

I am seeking under the sun, amid my pain,
Trying not to come undone, for this is my refrain,
Crying out to my Father, under the pouring rain.
There is no end for me, to my mighty ceaseless praying.
Why is this cruel fight, one so hard to make right?

I’m in this saying, “Father, end this nightmare,
So I can start living my primeval day.
No more night demons, so I can be forgiven today!”
I close my eyes and crumble, dropping to my demise,
Calling it quits, I’m sure I’ve lost the sacred prize.

But my Mentor is wise, calling me up from the skies,
Exhorting me He says, “It’s enough, I’ll compromise.
I will save you, as you willingly, faithfully, humbly sacrifice your life.
Give it to me as a sign, and I will give you Mine.
You’ve given your very best to pass this test, now I’ll bless you through the rest.”

So with sword and shield in hand,
I yield to my Master’s command.
Together we face this eminent battle land,
As He clears the way through sordid foliage, and slipping sand.
We now proceed straight forward to a higher place.

Here is where I now finally behold His face!
I feel His love and light, and know of His amazing grace!
I now know what it means to truly let go.
We march on through the murky marsh,
Searching for this sacred ancient place of grace.

I know this artifact is one of ancient design, a pearl of most exquisite white.
A symbol of love, Spirit and holy light,
Hidden deep down, well under ground.
An ancient treasure of sacred worth,
Serving as a sacred token portal, to return home from earth.

Master, only with Thee will I go, for only Thy true great name saves.
I’ll catch on and take hold of Thy soul, never letting go!
On our Majesty’s right hand, Thou takes all godly control to accomplish Thy perfect role.
With newness of ways, we live in the promised and saving days.
For now is the time of great fulfilling, the redeeming of the ancient battle ablaze!


Heaven’s Healing

Heavenly Embrace

Dear Abba, Father,
Thy presence is so real,
And when I am with Thee, I feel,
Heaven all around me.

Because I have found Thee,
Thou God and Father of all,
In righteousness won,
Call me Thine honored guest, and beloved son.

Thou knowest my path has not been easy,
For Thou hast carried all my faults,
And in sweet mercy, hast buried them all,
Making provisions for me unending.

What is right and wrong,
Thou dost faithfully show me.
In Thy heart, Thou dost quietly know me,
Tenderly holding me in Thy bosom, consoling.

Comforting me in divine, holy love,
In perfect faith, and godly kindness,
Thou dost heal my broken heart.
I prayerfully kneel before Thy beautiful feet.

Thou dost pour sacred oil upon my head,
And with divine, eternal, enduring love so sweet,
Creation’s harmonious words, Thou dost speak.
Now in transforming glory, I become complete.


Make the Way, With Thy Savior

In Return

There is a call to all,
Coming from our Savior.
“Come home safe into My stall,
That ye may find favor.”

With this promise kept,
Shall come healing and joy,
Carried in thy Savior’s steps,
Becoming disciples of His employ.

Though the way be a trial,
Holding faithful ye shall find,
His holy Kingdom shall be thine,
In patience, adorned with Christ.

He is the way ye should go,
For behold, ye shall see Him,
Being like Him, and know,
That He is thy eternal friend.

“Come, and be not afraid.
Hold fast to My side.
For I AM here to make thy way.
Together we shall walk above the tide.

“As We return in righteousness,
Ye shall in grace pass thy test,
Being one in glory and holiness,
Entering into My perfect joy and rest.”


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