To Be a Crowned Individual

Light The words of God are working in your life. The Holy Spirit is your constant guide. You have abundant peace within your soul, Where otherwise there would be a black hole. Your life has sweetness beyond description, Which draws in all love with pure submission. Grandest Joy overwhelms you with delight, As a sunrise... Continue Reading →

The Tide Will Turn Toward Human Unity

In ancient American history, there were groups we refer to as the ancestors of the American Indians. We give them names such as Myan, Inca, etc. They have a record which was found and translated by a Man named Joseph Smith in the 1800’s, and is entitled, The Book of Mormon. In this book, the... Continue Reading →

A look at the Blessings of Providence

Bestow Unto you is given holy light, That you may choose the highest right. All treasures have I to give, To unify, edify, lift, and live. To grow, gain, build, and rise, I give you gifts of the highest price, That you may always have gifts to share, To bestow on all in fervent prayer.... Continue Reading →

Finding Your Place of Grace Now

In This Quiet Place Again I am in this quiet place. I can hear laughter as they race, To join me by these waters, To tell stories of our journeys. Shortly I feel their touch, As our hands and faces embrace. We are happy tonight, Here in the quiet moonlight. It is my friends whom... Continue Reading →

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