The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Truth Restored The Lord teaches us to learn, pray and obey.One young boy sought to partake of grace,From the Good Book he earnestly came,Into the woods to inquire upon God’s name. In restoring all as at first,God has brought forth truth from the earth.His call to all is now heard.It is the pearl of greatest... Continue Reading →

Divine Visions

Vision of Love In a dream divine,My vision of the sublime,I entered Heaven.I lingered and longed,To stay in holy presence.As I did, I bade.The Lord Inviting,I moved in realms of glory,My eyes were opened.Beholding, I knelt,My heart in beat expanded,Grace, love in my soul.All around me felt,Our hearts knit and meld as one.Now returning home.My... Continue Reading →

My Awakening

Our Great God is Moving for Us  When I wrote Beginning Journey, it actually came from inspiration in the form of a vision I had, regarding how my life’s situation would symbolically play out. I believe that if we are on the Lord’s errand, meaning that we are living for Him and serving others, He... Continue Reading →

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