How Do You See Yourself?

In His Image

One very special place,
Within each person’s face,
Reveals inner confidence to be seen,
From relying on God’s providence to be clean.

It’s not just in their smile,
Nor in their pretty style,
But in their eyes,
Where this knowledge resides.

When we feel and know who we really are, as in days of yore,
Revealed by removing the veil, from our life of before,
We know all things in life have eternal direction and meaning,
As we move forward in eternal progression, redeeming.

Through the lens of wisdom we see,
That God’s kingdom is the only place of peace.
Covenants, ordinances, obedience and grace, give us the keys,
Which open heaven’s doors to power, aiding us to be free.

Life has great purpose and joy,
For as servants we work in our Father’s employ.
We no longer grope at the wall,
But in valor and righteousness, conquer all.

Throughout seasons of fashion and trend,
We hold fast to moral standards wise, and defend,
Our brothers and sisters, each our friend,
Strengthening each other, on whom we depend.

When this is done, then heart, mind, body and Spirit,
Are in their proper, ordained and intended design.
For truth is voiced unto all, but who will Hear Him?
Glory be unto their bright, and enlivened souls divine.


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