Follow Your Dreams


All the dreams I have,
Have not yet quite been said.
They’re fighting to be alive,
Not just wishes instead.

I know that if I say them,
Plan, and talk about,
That this is one step closer,
Than just being inside my head.

Next I want no rumors,
Just fact or fiction, yet truth,
To be sliced right down the middle,
Defining the what and who.

Leaving me with my options,
Unrestrained but by judgment’s care.
Who then would ever settle,
When all you need to do is dare?

What joy there is to work,
With ambition on your side,
And see your whole life turning,
As a ransomed love affair, and joy ride.

Then gather friends beside you,
Let bounty, love, and truth,
Provide until the sunrise,
Brings vast morning wealth, as proof.

But do not count on money,
‘Tis a random fleeting thing.
The abundance of which I speak,
Is the peace caught hold from giving.


A look at the Blessings of Providence


Unto you is given holy light,
That you may choose the highest right.
All treasures have I to give,
To unify, edify, lift, and live.

To grow, gain, build, and rise,
I give you gifts of the highest prize,
That you may always have gifts to share,
To bestow on all in fervent prayer.

I give you peace to show the world,
The way, the truth, the way I AM,
That all my presence may be unfurled,
As a bond and token banner to all man.

All things have life and place in me,
To show all mysteries of light heavenly.
The good, the bad, the balance scale,
The one on one hand, and the other in hell.

There is one thing in the middle,
Which is the fulcrum point of life,
And whichever side you hang from,
You will have power and judgment to decide.

I desire you to be with Me,
To live and stand steadfast in liberty,
So give cause to freedom and justice,
And you shall obtain divine mercy.

For every hand that reaches out,
To hold mine in covenant clasp,
Will find their life here renewed,
And finally be home with me at last.


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