True Love

Jopana’s Journey

Father, I know Thou hast told me,
Thou hast totally forgiven me,
And I wholly believe Thee, but I don’t feel worthy,
To even be called Thy son.

It is under the Son of God, I have been adopted in,
And after the resurrection, after I’ve thrived to the end,
Having proved true, then I will be physically begotten too,
Thus becoming Thy literal son, for my complete soul will be wholly made new.

We all must grow up into a narrowing of focus, until we reach the other side,
Where we come out into the light, which then widens.
For as we are all in The Great Christ, we too must die,
But in the Father, all shall be made alive.

Now is our test, and we must do our very best,
As Thou dost make up all the rest, in restoring us,
To a perfect brightness of spirit, intelligence, love,
Body and soul, to inherit, sealed as one whole.

For in Christ Jesus, we all want to be, a member in His sacred soul,
For we all play an important role.
So please Lord, help us all be true in Thee, sanctified,
For in Thy blood, our life’s supply, we too must die.

Thou hast all the secrets of these, in Thy master eternal plan,
So please, don’t let go of our desperate hands.
With the building blocks of the eternities, our families, I know we can,
Like the good ground beneath our feet, have our lives so sweet.

The atonement of our Lord, is for each sister and brother,
Which helps bind up our wounds, and our souls to one another.
We need to be united in Thee, for if not, then who are we?
I want my name to be wholly in, Christ Jesus.


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