The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints

Truth Restored

In our days of the perils of men,
Truth sent to man was lost and bent.
This called for a restoration as before,
With all the gifts of life and truth restored.

Come to Zion and rejoice!
Come listen to a prophet’s voice!
All saints rise-up to stand worthy!
We are not to fear the ungodly!

The Lord teaches us to pray and obey.
One young boy sought to partake of grace,
From the Good Book he earnestly came,
Into the woods to inquire upon God’s name.

In bringing the gospel back to earth,
God’s call to all is now heard.
The Lord has restored all as at first.
It is the pearl of greatest worth.

No eye has seen, nor ear heard,
Nor heart conceived, the plans reserved,
For those who love and minister,
For we no longer need roam as strangers.

This life is our time of test,
To prove true to His very best!
Those on the left of God rebellious,
Those on His right hand, made glorious!


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